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The scenery was quite beautiful. A bit desolate, perhaps, but no less lovely for it. Standing there on the windswept plain with nothing as far as the eye could see but this grass the faintest shade of violet -- tinged with cerulean undertones -- even Loki might admit a certain feeling of smallness.

If he'd been alone.

But there beside him stood the Doctor. Who was looking rather expectantly at him.

Loki just made a face. "Okay, maybe we did make a wrong turn at Albedis 9. But you like wandering into new places!"

The first thing someone might notice when the entered the kitchen was the small mountain of plastic wrappers piled on the counter.

But most people would probably first notice Loki cheerfully wiping a bit of cream away from another man's mouth with his thumb and then rather suggestively licking it off. "You're right," he commented, "the banana creme ones are pretty tasty."

There'd been a bit of a tussle, obviously. And the TARDIS certainly looked rather worse for wear because of it.

He'd only made an innocent little comment about catnip.

And possibly he'd waved some in front of the Doctor's nose.

All in good fun!

So maybe it was a little hard for Loki to sound completely sincere while the Doctor was sitting on him and twisting his arm. He might, actually, have been on the verge of laughter as he admitted, "you're right, you're right! It was a terrible thing of me to say!"

He'd never, actually, say it. Some things he just didn't say.

Then again, some things didn't need to be said. Were better left unsaid, anyroad.

"Say it."


"Because it's true!"

"That's supposed to convince me?"

"I have a sonic screwdriver and I'm not afraid to use it!"

".....sigh. Fine. You're right, you're right, I know you you're right. There. I said it. In singsong, even."

"What am I right about?"

"If you don't now, then you obviously aren'-"


"....Can you hear my eyes rolling? Because they totally, totally are. And you're giving me that look again. Sonic screwdriver, not afraid, right...anyway. Yes, you're right, the Harry/Hermione ship has totally sailed. There. I said it. Happy? Hmph."


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