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TO : Ben Adams
FR : Loki
SUBJ: Bit of an Issue

Uhm, you know how you asked about that Best Man thing? There may possibly be a slight hitch.

How do you feel about a Maid of Honor?

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[following this]

Perthro is sitting on her couch, staring off into nothing, one hand lightly resting on her stomach.

This can't be happening. I swore I'd never let this happen again after the Svadilfari incident. Dammit! What the fucking hell am I going to do?

In the kitchen, food from Dean & Deluca is waiting, a wonderful gourmet dinner of crab cakes and lobster cakes, with a side of fettucine with a light garlic cream sauce. A bottle of good white wine is waiting and for dessert, there is a checker board cake.

It's only after she's been lost in thought for several long minutes that she remembers to call Anton back as they'd arranged.

That special hell? I'm so going there sooner than I though cause either Anton or Hermes are going to kill me. Maybe both.
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[following this]

It's just after sunset. A female Loki is sitting beside the Reflecting Pool in Washington D.C. She's dressed in rather clich├ęd attire, sunglasses, dark clothing, she blends in well with the myriad of businesspeople in the District. Except for the part where none of the businesspeople would be here at this time of day. So she rather sticks out among all of the tourists. Oh well, she doesn't really care, this isn't exactly a clandestine meeting between two NSA and CIA officers after all...

Nope, just your average ordinary chat between gods.

She makes a mental note to remember to bring back the things she'd said she was going to Dean & Deluca for. After all, he'd cooked last night, it was her turn. And yes, gods were capable of conjuring up food, but she liked to go get it and put it together sometimes, just like he liked to cook his own food.

That ought to give her plenty of time for however long her talk with Hermes should take. Yep.


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