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Ever since gaining his freedom -- and the less said about that, the better --, Loki had made a point to avoid his old stomping grounds. Though there really was something to be said about inciting Romans to go cause a ruckus on the old home place...and he had to hardly expend any extra effort on that count, himself!

Perhaps some time later it might occur to him that helping the Romans spread their empire across the known world (along with that new religion they were taking to) wasn't one of his better ideas. But for now he's just rather enjoying all the fighting that went along with it. Plus...well..change was change and he'd long ago learned how to roll with it.

Others of his kind might, perhaps, have a more difficult time adjusting.
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She was beautiful when she was angry.

And she was angry often and mostly at him. He could hardly blame her, since he had brought about the death of her father and all. And he didn't mind her anger, even directed at him. It was to be expected. Besides which, she'd been amazing to watch when she'd stormed into Asgard, eyes flashing, to challenge Odin after the death of her father. As she'd passed him, Loki had noticed the faint scent which had wafted in with her...winter woods rimed in ice, the sense of snow on the air. Something wild.

He'd been fascinated and watched as she spoke to the All-father, standing there amongst the gathered Aesir with pride in her bearing. She'd been ready to go to war with them all over the death of Thiazi until Odin had managed to strike a bargain with her. Someone must make her laugh again, for she hadn't since the death of her father, and she would be allowed to choose her husband from among the Aesir as long as she chose him by his feet. Loki had thought that last was rather ridiculous but he wasn't the one striking the bargain for once and besides, it was obvious where his part in it lay.

Making her laugh.

No one else among the Aesir could have done it, of that he was certain. No one else did do it, only Loki. She was as beautiful when she laughed as she was when she was angry.

And Loki had the distinct pleasure of knowing, later, that though Njord may have married Skahdi, it was Loki who'd had the snow-queen first.


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