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Lalalalala, Loki's checklist for the day looks something like:

  1. Bring down the Internet.
  2. and the large telecomm networks.
  3. and a few small third world countries
  4. publish stupid cartoons of Mohammed in order to incite mas-....wait, already been done.
  5. Return crown jewels. To a ranch in Crawford, TX.
  6. Get butterflies all over the world to start flapping their wings and cause massive hurricanes everywhere. Worth a shot?

Yes yes, a chaos deity's work is never done. Weee. Still got so much to catch up on, yes indeedy.

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Well, Apollo had suggested Loki find something naughty to do. So, well, it wasn't his fault the first thing that came to mind was something involving making life more interesting for the Sun God himself. And really, Apollo ought to keep better track of his possessions....

But that's for later, first, he has to get some needful items.

And isn't it just wonderfully convenient that Hermes is currently mortal and so the wards on his house don't exactly function as they should, allowing Loki to just waltz right on in?

And Hermes is another that ought to hide his possessions better. Especially when 'in a closet' is so the hiding place of last century. Why, that Helmet of Invisibility was just begging to be 'borrowed'. And no sense in it just sitting and gathering dust while Hermes himself can't use it, right? Not that Loki ever needed such justification for his 'borrowing' of items in the past.

And really, those sandals and that caduceus just sitting there and looking all shiny? They were begging to be used. And he did always like shiny things so. And again, it's not as if Hermes could use them, for the time being, of course the Messenger wouldn't mind, Loki was certain.

And so, after dropping the caduceus into a actually safe place in his own home, Loki straps the lovely winged sandals to his feet, taking a few moments to admire them, wiggle his toes a bit. And then it was time for the Helmet. And poof! Loki could no longer be seen!

Oh, this would be fun.

A few moments later, Loki appears near Apollo's temple. Okay, appears isn't really the right word seeing as the God is currently invisible, with me here, people!

Anyway, Loki decides it's high time to try out these beautiful winged sandals he's wearing and takes to the air, invisibly of course. Ahhh, now he can scope out the Temple with no one -- especially Apollo -- the wiser. And, lo! There was his quarry now, sitting all lonely-like in the beautiful courtyard of the Temple. Landing lightly, making hardly a sound, he sneaks over to the lyre, keeping an eye out for anyone that might notice his light tread over the ground. He may be invisible, but he's not unhearable, after all.

A few moments later, Loki is winging away (invisibly) with his booty and he has left behind Apollo in place of the lyre. His gift is a very gaudy purple, glittery plastic ukulele and there is a note lying beside it.

Dearest Apollo,

I hope you don't mind my borrowing your lovely lyre. It's just that I decided I simply must dress like you for Halloween and the costume just wouldn't be complete without this beautiful instrument. In return, I've left you what you see before you. Please take better care of it than you have your lyre. I mean honestly, leaving this work of art out where just anyone could pick it up or step on it or something? For shame, Apollo.

With all the love that I possess,



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