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So, to put ourselves in the running for oldest-revived-thread-ever?

Fred chaperoning Methos' and Loki's date from almost a year and a half ago.

How much do we rock?

Yes, this post is just so I can remember it exists later. ;)
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After his conversation with Methos, Loki got up and headed out to the agreed-upon bar where he proceeded to wait out the hour before Methos would arrive by drinking beer and flirting with the barmaid.

Someone should come save the poor girl before she's stuck with a perpetual blush.


Nov. 23rd, 2005 11:34 pm
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Long long ago, in a land far from ours there was a man and a boy. Well, more like a something-more-or-less-than-a-man and his newly discovered boy-man-immortal-protege. It would get confusing that way, though, so just let us for that sake call them a man and a boy.

They waited on a chilly morning, for most mornings in that land are chilly, by the sea for a boat to carry them far away to the south. Both stood, there on the shore, peering intently through the fog, as if it were possible to pierce that grey veil and see the boat approaching them. The boy was impatient and not entirely trusting of his older (much older) companion, this led him to pacing around nearby, alternately glancing over his shoulder as if looking for a mob to be coming after him and staring out to the sea in vain for anything to appear out of the mist. The man stood quietly though not patiently. He, too, was somewhat worried about pursuit, but knew better than to keep a lookout for any mob. He kept his senses tuned, instead, on things more than that which most mere mortals can perceive.

Luckily, their patience (what there was of it) was soon rewarded as a boat slid out of the fog and landed on the beach.

A few moments' negotiation between the man and the boat's captain ensued and it wasn't much later as the sun rose higher in the sky and burned away the fog that the man and his boy were sitting on the boat watching the land fall away.

Cheerfully, the man turned to the boy and spoke softly, "Glad to be away from there, eh?"

Certainly Loki was. Glad to be away from there and away from those who would bind him.

And certainly his young companion was glad to be away from the place of his servitude and death. For who wouldn't be?

Note: This takes a bit of explaining, having to do with a couple of posts from a while back that I can't find at the moment due to memories being screwy that involved Methos becoming an immortal and in the process freeing Loki from his state of binditude. If I find the posts, I'll edit this post to link to them. If anybody knows where they are so I don't have to go trolling through old entries for them, please let me know. Thanks!


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