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You know, it really was unfair how certain people insisted on blaming him for something that was only his fault once dammit! He really ought to show them what he could really do when he put his mind to it-....

And hey! Doesn't he have a lovely little protege/devotee gifted in chaos magic who would probably love to assist him? Or who he'd at least love to see?

Oh yes. Yes he does.

And oh yes, yes he should.

And that's all it really takes before he's popping in to wherever Anya is.

"'Lo luv, miss me? Feel like playing?"


Oct. 31st, 2005 08:36 pm
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Most mirrors were brutal, merciless things, reflecting the stark harsh reality of whatever looked into them. Some mirrors were better at this than others, showing things deeper than skin and more physically insubstantial than air. These mirrors went beyond the facade into the truth of things, down into someone's very soul.

In some ways, Loki was such a mirror. He has been described once as the child who comments that really the emperor has no clothes. It is one of his strongest qualities that while he is the Lie-Smith, yes, it is also he who holds up a mirror to us and forces us to look and truly see ourselves for what we are. He shows us that our foolish fripperies are nothing more than fancy. In his mirror, we are naked.

There are other mirrors, though, that distort the truth instead of reveal it. Fractured mirrors that show split realities. Carnival house mirrors that show realities that could never exist... These, and more, show only a small part of the truth, exaggerating or leaving out the rest or simply completely lying. Loki, too, is one of these for is the Lie-Smith after all and as such, is greatly adept at manipulating the truth for his own ends. The difference between his mirror and those others mentioned before is that often you are never entirely sure if the reflection he shows you isn't exactly as it seems or not.

And what does Loki see when he looks into a mirror? Well, what does anyone see when one mirror is held up to another?

Infinite realities.


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