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[as requested by [ profile] antigone_grace here]

Two pairs of eyes, one set blue and the other green, stared up at him imploringly. Big, adorable eyes glimmering with tears threatening to pour down chubby little cheeks at any moment. Those eyes would put any puppy dog to shame.

He didn't stand a chance.

Loki sighed and scrubbed a hand through his hair. "Vali, Narvi, Daddy wouldn't dream of eating the," tasty, succulent, "lamb."

"Or the dee!" one little voice piped up.

Sigh. "Or the deer."

Doomed. He was doomed. Why did he have kids again?

The problem, Loki decided, with seducing some of these New Age-y types of women was that you ended up eating a lot of strange things. And having to act like you enjoyed it.

He looked down at his plate and groaned inwardly. The tofu shaped like turkey was the worst. And a crime against nature, at that.

When he was young, Loki had wanted to try something new. Different. He'd tried going Vegetarian before the word had been invented.

He made it three days.

Well, two and a half.

Well, two.

Or so. Give or take. More or less.

Aesir could not survive by Twinkies and rum alone.

But he could certainly give it a shot.

For a time, Loki couldn't quite shake that habit of grazing after he bought Sleipnir to Asgard.

And the less said about the periodic urges to snort, whinny, and sleep standing up the better.
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As requested by [ profile] kingcreevey here.

The first time had been wholly unplanned. He'd taken to wandering in Diagon Alley and his attention had been caught by a small boy with bright eyes and, at the time, rather disheveled hair. Truly, his attention had been caught by what the boy had been watching with those bright eyes of his. Pandemonium. Utter chaos right there in Flourish and Blotts. In fact, it looked like something had quite possibly exploded. And when the boy had started looking as very innocent as possible, that was when Loki had thought to himself here's one to keep an eye on.

[borrowing Dennis' AU!Companion!Verse with the Doctor]

The second time had been wholly unplanned as well. And it had actually been before the first. So it was the first for Loki but the second for Dennis. Which...

...well, it was every day a strange blue box appeared in Asgard bearing a man in a brown coat and a boy who asked several dozen questions a second and could quite possibly try even Sigyn's patience. Though she'd certainly quietened him down with a cake. And once more Loki'd thought, here's one that bears watching as he'd sat down across from the boy and introduced himself.

here there be a spoiler for Deathly Hallows )

When they meet again, Dennis has grown out of the small boy he'd once known. Quieter, perhaps, just a touch. But more in that you could see how much he was thinking about what he saw. Making connections. Loki, for his part was much the same as he'd always been. Always would be. Whichever.

Of course, he was also clutching some Dark artifact he'd felt it meet to *ahem* liberate from the Department of Mysteries. And with a cheeky grin and jaunty salute to Dennis, he disappeared, leaving the young Unspeakable to have to explain how that red-haired man had seemed to know him. And managed to disapparate away from a place with spells specifically in place to prevent just that.

Their encounter on the Knight Bus was entirely planned. By Loki. Who happily bounces aboard and settles down beside Dennis without so much as a by-your-leave. He might have also intimated something about stalking the poor boy.

Or he might have just made some inocuous comment about the weather in Bristol. It was hard to tell, sometimes, with him.

Unless, of course, you were Dennis.


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