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After this, Loki poofs Hermes and Anton to some other dimension. Wherein time moves much more quickly than 'here'. So quickly that seven months? Passes in like a day. Hence we skip seven months (bits and pieces to be millitimed flashbacked/referred to later) and get on with the giving birth.

Hence Loki waking up in the middle of the night and prodding Anton. "I think this is the part where I go, 'oh my god, it's time!'."
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The problem with being pregnant -- aside from swollen ankles, weird food cravings, mood swings, and morning sickness -- was the feeling that for nine months you weren't your own person, oh no, everything you did had to be done with the baby in mind. All the do's and don'ts were enough to drive a god to drink.

Except that alcohol was on the don't list. Dammit.

Actually, most of the things Loki would enjoy doing somehow are on the don't list.

Which leads to a bored Loki sitting around at home in her pajamas, eating chocolates, and watching daytime television. About the time she catches herself going, "Oh look, The Bold and the Beautiful, Dante is so hot." is the time she realises just how far she's fallen. And thinks fiercely at the child growing in her belly, You'd better appreciate this. Eternally. Fuck.
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As a note, Loki's baby now has brain function and can 'talk' to him her.

Fun times lie ahead.

Their first conversation is here.


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