cunningas: (brooooood)
Loki ([personal profile] cunningas) wrote2011-09-24 12:32 am
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[past] [for eros]

Ever since gaining his freedom -- and the less said about that, the better --, Loki had made a point to avoid his old stomping grounds. Though there really was something to be said about inciting Romans to go cause a ruckus on the old home place...and he had to hardly expend any extra effort on that count, himself!

Perhaps some time later it might occur to him that helping the Romans spread their empire across the known world (along with that new religion they were taking to) wasn't one of his better ideas. But for now he's just rather enjoying all the fighting that went along with it. Plus...well..change was change and he'd long ago learned how to roll with it.

Others of his kind might, perhaps, have a more difficult time adjusting.

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