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Ever since gaining his freedom -- and the less said about that, the better --, Loki had made a point to avoid his old stomping grounds. Though there really was something to be said about inciting Romans to go cause a ruckus on the old home place...and he had to hardly expend any extra effort on that count, himself!

Perhaps some time later it might occur to him that helping the Romans spread their empire across the known world (along with that new religion they were taking to) wasn't one of his better ideas. But for now he's just rather enjoying all the fighting that went along with it. Plus...well..change was change and he'd long ago learned how to roll with it.

Others of his kind might, perhaps, have a more difficult time adjusting.

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Was it already a thousand years ago since Greece had been at its glorious height? Since supplicants had massed in his temples and disciples had moaned his name in the dark, since his name had been whispered on the wind beneath the night sky? Where did the time go? Had it been so long?

Had it been only a thousand years? It felt like tens of thousands. Millions. It felt like forever.

Somewhere near Rome's northern borders, Eros landed in the forest. It was getting more difficult to, well, maintain, but he did. Of course he did. He was fine. He just...needed a few minutes out here. To get his breath back. That was all. Then he'd return to his discipline.

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What was that?

He'd chosen this time to ride out with a legion on their way to the front though...well...he had no plans of going all the way with them lest any of his once-brethren take notice. That would completely ruin the game, now wouldn't it?

But then he'd felt...

...someone, anyway. Not the Aesir. Something worth investigating, though, so Loki peels off from the soldiers with a comment that they should continue on without him. It doesn't take too very long of riding through the trees toward that feeling before he comes upon Eros.

Of course, Eros might be more likely to see a Roman centurion ( riding toward him than, well, a Norse god in Roman armor.

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Eros straightens in surprise at the sound of hoofbeats. A Roman patrol? He hadn't realized he'd remained visible. And it's too late to mask himself entirely from sight, but perhaps he can turn the Roman aside. He pulls himself together and reaches out to calm the suspicion from the centurion's mind.

Which is strangely impervious to being calmed. Perhaps he's more tired than he'd believed.

"Centurion," he greets the man, calm and cold. He has no desire at all to speak at length with any Roman carrying with him this new Christian god. There's a trace of divine resonant suggestion in his voice - Ride on, Roman - as he continues, "Your legion outpaces you."

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Loki reined his horse in and looked Eros up and down critically. The idea that the other god looked so...not himself...was intriguing.

The idea that he obviously hadn't recognized who he was faced with and was trying to influence his mind was even more interesting. "So it does. You have the look of a man who wouldn't care to have a legionnaire's attention." Yes, this is Loki keeping up the pretense of suspicious centurion.

"Explain yourself."

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Eros bristled, anger snapping too quickly to the surface in his bright blue eyes. Tired or not, this Roman - one of the mortals who had all but destroyed his family - would not order him.

As he drew power to his voice, he thought with longing of the days when there had been so much more to draw from, but this would be enough. "I will explain nothing to you," he snapped. "Go. Catch up with your warriors, and thank your new god every day that I've spared your life, Roman."

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Oh this was just too delicious. Such anger and pride. Which one was he? If Loki had been the mortal Eros thought he was, he'd be halfway back to the legion by now. Not that he had any intention of catching up with them now that there was something more interesting to play with. And they were used to him disappearing from their campaigns anyway, they all considered him eccentric, at best. The man with the knowledge on how best to pacify the Germanic tribes who yet never participated in a single battle against them. And yet, he was so often correct in the information he provided that they tolerated his presence and even gave him certain rank among them.

So instead of riding away, he swung off his horse and raised his eyebrows at the other god. "You, spare my life?" He stalked toward Eros, hand on his gladius, ready to draw. "I should think it rather the other way around. as you're told."

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It took a moment for the words to sink in, but then the urge to demolish this insolent soldier rose up in his veins like black poison. He even took a step forward, flexing his fingers, Eros would sooner crawl into Hades' realm on his hands and knees than do something to make his father proud.

He let the thoughts of Ares simmer away in the anger and wondered what had happened to him. Was he really so weak that he could no longer turn a single mortal's mind? That couldn't be; he'd been working so hard.

"Strike, then, mortal," he said with a calm he didn't feel and dropped the illusion of mortality. His wings were unmistakeable even held tight against his back, and his bow was in his hand in the blink of an eye. "Strike, and see what the Fates have in store for you," he continued in a low, dangerous hiss. The dull glint of lead tipped the arrow he strung and aimed; no mercy here. "Give me a reason."

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Wings. Arrows. And quite pretty, despite the exhaustion.

Oh wait, didn't Hermes talk about this one? Possibly...

He dropped the arrogant Roman pretense and smiled casually, flame dancing on his fingertips. He twiddled his fingers in greeting to Eros, "you seem to be somehow under the misconception that I am mortal, dear boy."

"So really...there's no need for threats."

Though seeing Eros all angry and dangerous was rather appealing.

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Whatever Eros had anticipated as the Roman's next move, it hadn't been that. No mortal had yet acquired that kind of affinity for fire and he nearly loosed the arrow in pure surprise before quickly lowering the bow.

"I was," he admitted, keeping hold of the weapon for now. "You've concealed yourself well, stranger. For what purpose?"

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"Oh, several." Loki shrugged and extinguished the flames he held.

"And we're hardly strangers, are we? At least we've a friend in common."

Well, assuming this god and Hermes were friends but Loki had noted that the messenger somehow managed to avoid too much in the way of long-lasting enmity with his relatives. Which was more than Loki could say for himself.

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The disappearance of the handful of fire seemed to signal an end to open hostilities and Eros sent his bow and lead arrow back to his temple with a thought. He felt strangely relieved that his attempts to affect the Roman had failed because he wasn't a Roman at all. Perhaps he wasn't as far gone as he'd feared.

"Do we?" he asked, relaxing his wings into a more comfortable, looser position. "And who is it that counts us both among his friends?" Fire, disguise, trickery, and a trace of an accent to his Greek...but Eros couldn't quite place his name.

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Ah, that was good. No need to be waving god-touched arrows about, was there?

"Hermes? Unless, of course, you aren't friends...I really wouldn't know but it seems to me he's spoken of you before."

Assuming Loki's assumption was correct, after all.

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"Oh, Hermes. Yes, of course, I know Hermes well," Eros answered with the first brilliant smile that had broken through the tense expression. It made perfect sense that Hermes would know them both; he traveled widely, after all.

"I'm quite attached to that particular uncle. But we have not been introduced," he added, raising his brows with an amused look. This seemed a roundabout way to make his acquaintance, if indeed that was the other god's goal.

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Loki had been too busy observing Eros and his reactions to really get around to introducing himself. Until it was specifically pointed out, anyway.

"You're absolutely correct in that we haven't. And alas for him, Hermes is not here to do the honors." Which was just as well, Hermes would probably talk sense into him.

"My name is Loki." Among the many, many things he's called.

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Loki, Eros thought, taking a moment to give the Norse god a leisurely study. Then another moment. He was worth more than one.

He'd heard tell of Loki, whispers of Loki, but Hermes' own mentions had been brief and casual. Now, Eros wondered why. Later, he would realize he had perhaps not wondered enough.

"My name is Eros," he answered with a faint, slow smile, knowing the introduction was an unnecessary courtesy. "Welcome to what was once proud Greece."

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"Ah," Loki smiled, "and now your problem with Romans comes clear..."

Would Eros believe Loki was undermining them from the inside for his own purposes? Well...he didn't have to actually explain precisely what he was doing among them.

"Though, perhaps you might accept the hospitality of a faux-Roman?"

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"Hospitality?" Eros tipped his head, the amusement growing, far more interested in where this would go than concerned over Loki's reasons for posing as a Roman.

"From the little I know of you, we are far beyond your homelands. Do you plan to offer me hospitality in my own country?" he asked, dark curls tossing in a laugh.

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Loki grinned, "let us call it my adopted country, shall we? It's not so very far, my quarters."

Rather accommodating they were, too.

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The lands that lay beyond Greece's borders - the lands of Rome - had always felt like adopted country to Eros. Perhaps what he needed was to spend time apart, outside Rome's reach. Besides, he was curious, eager to explore what prompted that wicked spark in Loki's eye.

He took a measured step forward without dropping his eyes from Loki's. "I'd be delighted," he murmured.

want to start anew down below?

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Loki watched Eros approach and just smiles at him. When he's being himself -- as opposed to being someone else -- that wicked spark never quite leaves his eye. But it is certainly directed at Eros at the moment as he whisks the other god back to his "quarters".

Loki forgot to mention that his quarters were a villa. Rather spacious with only some of the room set aside to housing various Roman officers -- who were conveniently off fighting for the Glory of Rome, at the moment -- and the rest to housing...Loki. Eros would probably be happier not knowing the sordid details of what happened to the villa's prior occupants.

"And here we are..."

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Eros looked around with interest as the world changed around him. Loki had been right, they weren't far from where they'd been. This was on the edges of Rome's territory, far beyond the borders of Greece, and it felt foreign enough to Eros that there was no question of being offered hospitality in his own lands.

"Very nice," he commented, turning to examine the villa. It was beautiful, a different kind of aesthetic than Greece. "You've done well for yourself. In your adopted country."

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"Oh, I manage that wherever I go," Loki said airily as he led Eros into the villa. The height of luxury? Well, Loki did like his creature comforts...

"A bath first, I should think."

And no, he's not really giving Eros much of an option.

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Eros turned to raise his brows at Loki over his shoulder. "Well, if you insist, who am I to refuse?"

That had potential. He was feeling better already.

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"I really, really do."

And he sends off a waiting servant to prepare the bath for them.

By the time they get there...there will be a steaming pool of water waiting for them.

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Well. That looks perfect. He has all kinds of ideas for that.

"I like the way you think," he murmurs and his fingers slide down Loki's back as he steps past him, dropping to one knee to test the water. "Lovely."

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Loki smiles, "oh, just wait until you see the rest of my ideas," and it sounds quite promising.

"But for now let's just get you out of those dirty clothes, shall we?" It doesn't actually matter whether they're dirty or not. What matters is he'd prefer Eros without them.

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Eros eyes flick to Loki, starting at the bottom and working their way up. It takes awhile before he rises to his feet with a slow smile.

He doesn't even bother to answer aloud, holding Loki's eyes as he slides his fingers over linen. Inch by inch, pale smooth skin is revealed until everything is pooled at his feet.

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Loki just smiles, watching. Such a willing godling.

On the way in to the villa, a servant had taken his cloak and sword belt but he's otherwise still more or less in the armor Eros first saw him in. It will really all have to come off at some point, but for the moment...

For the moment, he steps forward, onto the pool of linen, and reaches out a hand to touch Eros's now-exposed skin. "How very nice..."

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Of course he's willing. This is what he is. This is all he is.

Eros lowers his eyes at the touch, almost demure, then flicks a simmering look back up through his lashes that's calculated to draw Loki closer. "I am pleased you approve," he murmurs, making no move to advance them faster than this. They'd get there; if Loki wanted to explore, Eros was certainly not going to refuse him.

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Still smiling, Loki does indeed continue his explorations, both hands on Eros' skin, his touch perhaps a bit warmer than it ought to be. Not only that, but knowing...confident. Not possessive, though. Or at least, not yet.

And then he's bringing his lips to Eros', snaring the other god in a kiss.

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His breath rushes out in a gasp and arches into Loki's hands, taking a half-step closer. His hands are warm and his imagination is racing with what they'll feel like everywhere.

His own hands drift over Loki's armor, tracing the edges, taking his time with baring the other god.

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Loki is content to let Eros take his time with the armor. There was something to be said, after all, for the slow reveal and he'd always had a bit of a flair for the dramatic.

Eventually, though, he was just as naked as the other god. And rather pleased with the situation.

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Eros' fingers wander over each expanse of skin as it's revealed, paying attention to which touches get which reactions - never let it be said he didn't know his craft - and as he lets the last strip of worn leather fall, he takes a step forward to press flush against Loki, skin to skin.

"There," he whispers, slipping his arms around Loki's neck. "Now we're even."

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Not even at all. Not if Loki was going to have his way.

But that could come with time.

For now the time was to snake his arms around the other god, one hand sliding up into Eros' hair. "This is much more agreeable," he admitted with a lazy smile.

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Pressed tight like this, Eros nearly forgets about the steaming pool, but after a lingering kiss to Loki's jaw he takes a step back toward the water.

This will be more agreeable still, and whatever Loki wishes in the pool...well. He has all the time in the world.