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get yer bells on! [open to: just about anyone and everyone]

The images go out near and far to, pretty much, all and sundry. There is no postmark, for they didn't travel through something so mundane as a postal system. They're merely found: resting in mailboxes, on pillows, magneted to the refrigerator, tucked into door-cracks, slipped in the newspaper, under windshield wiper blades, and in one notable instance, sitting in a pantry where an entire, unopened, box of Twinkies used to be.

There is no address on the card, merely an image on one side and on the other...a note written in a finely flowing hand with ink that never seems to stay the same color as you read it though you couldn't say when the color actually changed.

Whatever you happen to celebrate, you've been invited! Don't celebrate anything? You're still invited! Don't want to be invited? Doesn't matter! Don't know who I am? Who cares! It's a party! So, happy whatever-you-want-it-to-be!

Now, for the particulars:

Dress code: Whatever you would like to wear (or not, as the case may be). Points for outlandishness!
Guests: The more, the merrier!
Gifts: I love a good gift! But don't feel obligated.
Duration: Until it ends!
Location: Well...that's tricky. I can't tell you. But I can tell you all you needs must do is be holding this invitation as you step through...anything. Doorway, under an arch, through a window, past a gate, into a cave, down a rabbit hole, or under a ladder if you're feeling lucky. Make sure as you do you shout the words, "Happy ChrisFesHanKwanYulSoltivus!" (okay, you don't have to shout it...and approximations of the words will probably suffice. Probably. You might end up somewhere you don't intend, I'm not entirely certain.)

That's all there is to it darling, I hope to see you there!

As to where the invitation takes you, well...

Partygoers will find themselves transported to a beautiful tropical beach, the ocean lapping softly on the shore not so very far away, and plenty of palm trees for shade. Not that it's needed, as the temperature is perfectly comfortable, no matter what one is (or isn't) wearing. The sand is as pure white and sparkles not unlike...snow. Or is it snow? But that's ridiculous, since it isn't cold...

...except that periodically, seemingly at a whim, snow does indeed fall (from the utterly clear night sky).

Centrally located, there is a rather large bonfire crackling merrily away, seemingly not at all dampened by the capricious snow flurries. Near that, is a large, long table loaded down with all manner of food and drink. Scattered everywhere it might be convenient are chairs and cushions and tucked away among a grove of palm trees are more secluded nooks curtained off for more private pursuits. Convenient to everyone as they arrive is a gaily decorated table just waiting for any gifts that might be deposited on it. Most of the lighting seems to come from a myriad of floating paper lanterns in all shapes, colors and sizes as well as a few tiki torches, just because.

There is also a wooden dance floor set down and a band playing music just right for dancing. And yes, they take requests.

And finally, there is Loki himself, standing amid the mayhem and smiling. Perched on his nose are glasses with the lenses tinted, one green and one red. His hair seems to be a particularly festive shade of red tonight with a twig of mistletoe peeking out of it and his clothes...

...well, see for yourself.

"Welcome!" he might say or, "happy whatever-it-is-we're-celebrating!" He'd invite you to enjoy the festivities, partake of the food and drink, mix and mingle, and certainly save him a dance or two. Swimming would be encouraged, the water's fine, and towels are available (as is almost any other item you might need, just flag down a passing server and she'll get it right out to you. There are, in fact, few restrictions. Loki won't be breaking up any fights or anything else typically unsuitable for mixed company except if you seem to be disrupting his party. Then, you'll likely find yourself suddenly in Siberia. And it will be cold.

[ooc: basically, slow-time is fine, tag as long as you want as much as you want. Mix, mingle, have fun! Loki's hardly one to stop a fight, but the warning is still there, disruptions don't get a warning, they just get removed. Kids aren't barred from the party (by Loki, anyway), but it's definitely not intended to be kid-friendly in the least. Multiple muses are fine, anyone and everyone is welcome, so far as Loki cares. Invitations are even extended to people who might've snubbed him in the past or otherwise did him wrong. You can also assume the invitation works as a magic timewarp thingy so even though the party is sort of starting on the late night of the 16th (or at least when it's being posted), your character can still jump in without being unfashionably late and whenever they leave, only a couple of hours will have passed from when they left, no matter if they're tagging in the party for weeks ;).]

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Far be it for him not to show up to support his partner in crime, even if every bone in his body rails against this. But the beach is nice, even if he chooses to show up in the most costume he can imagine.

"I'm not giving you a gift," he said as he moved up to Loki's side, "my very presence should be plenty enough for you."

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Well, Loki does look upon the costume with more than a little appreciation as Hermes approaches him. Then Loki grinned, a twinkle in his eye. "I suppose if you aren't giving me, I won't have to give you anything either."

He was not above bribing Hermes to have a good time.

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Though she couldn't rightly recall how many times she'd met Loki, if at all--an ageless existence and your memory starts to blend a little here and there--Ishtar had received an invitation which, in her mind, was charming as could be. Taking that into consideration, and coupled with the fact that the Babylonian goddess never turned down a party anyways, well...

Ishtar appeared at the to-do with a tiny entourage of humans, all of whom she soon sent off to do as they please. A small silver parcel was tucked in her elbow, a box that practically blended into her metallic gown--a loose, breathy fabric that shimmered and left just enough to the imagination to make weaker men sweat. Greedy eyes swept over the drinks as she stopped by the gift table to deposit her package, and she briefly entertained the thought of mingling before drinking.

Yeah, right.

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That's why one should mingle while drinking. Especially when the host himself is offering you the glass.

"I'd say 'welcome to my humble abode' but that would be a lie seeing as there is little humility in this place and it is hardly my abode." He grinned, "but you are certainly welcome at my party, Lady Ishtar."

Never let it be said he couldn't be gentlemanly!

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Oh, the invitation was so definitely Loki. Apollo had chortled to himself after finding it stuck somewhat haphazardly in his potted corn plant. Nevertheless, he wasn't one to turn down a family gathering, never mind that this particular family was even stranger than that of his immediate relatives.

So, rolling his eyes as he does so, he stepped outside and through the "magical doorway", mouthing the ridiculous phrase as he does so, blinking as he emerged in Loki's domain. Hn, looked somewhat familiar, although he knew the Trickster had no intention of duplicating that beach in the Aegean.

The Light Bringer did, however, quirk a curious eyebrow as one of the girls immediately bustled over and inquired his pleasure; biting back the first snark that sprang to his tongue, Apollo simply ordered a Scotch on the rocks and let her toddle off, strolling about with a bemused air, taking it all in.

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And there's Loki, standing beside Apollo, his voice amused and warm in the Light Bringer's ear. "Like what you see?" But he wasn't, for the record, touching Apollo anywhere.

And the beach actually resembles Tahiti more than anywhere on the Aegean, so they're both safe in that respect.

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Addie spotted Apollo when he popped in and quickly made her way over to say hi. It hadn't been too long since their walk in Santa Monica, but she was anxious to see him again all the same.

"Hey, Apollo."

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"Now this is a party!" He checks out a passing server.

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And the passing server takes a moment to check him out in return, with a flirtatious wink.

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Like Aphrodite needed a reason to enjoy a party. She would have preferred the reason to not be a mingling of holidays she hardly believed in, but then again, she was fairly interested in any kind of holiday in which she received presents. Showing up in a tight red dress with a sprig of mistletoe in her hair, she swiftly snags a glass of champagne, downing it before taking another so that she could herself mingle with the guests.

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Thomas hadn't really figured the invitation that had appeared hanging from his showerhead to be legit, but some sense of whimsy had prompted him to give it a try. Luckily (or perhaps not) for all involved, he'd waited until after he'd showered and dressed again to speak the words and thus found himself here on an enchanted (quite literally) beach in the presence of gods. Among others.


Though that might be more reserved for the rather fetching blonde passing him just then than for the rest of the scenery.

Considering that he hadn't taken the invitation very seriously, he hadn't made much of an effort to dress in a festive manner. His hair was still damp from the shower (but managed to look artfully mussed and curled as opposed to just neglected), and he wasn't wearing any shoes. He was, at least, wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a loose, white silk shirt, mostly buttoned.

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When Addie found the invitation in one of her coffee mugs, her instant reaction was to hide it in the top junk drawer in her kitchen. She was, of course, intimidated to go to another party sponsored by deities.

But after further consideration, she figured that she would never get comfortable if she didn't try to make some sort of effort. It would be nice to see Apollo and Eros again, and maybe try and meet some of the others. Also, she had impulse bought this dress ( and she could use an excuse to wear it.

So after taking a shower, drying off, curling her hair, putting on her makeup and the dress, she held the invitation, said "Happy ChrisFesHanKwanYulSoltivus," and stepped through her bedroom door frame.

Addie blinked against the bright sun, but instantly felt better that the scenery was so similar to Apollo's beach house. A waitress came over and Addie ordered a very strong amaretto stone sour.

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The waitress doesn't return with the drink, but Loki does, offering it to Addie with a smile and something of a bow. "Welcome to my party, I do hope you'll enjoy yourself."

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When he'd spotted the invitation pinned on the end of one of his arrows, Eros had plucked it off, read it, grinned in anticipation, and slept for a solid twelve hours. He'd need it, he thought, for a party being thrown by someone like this.

Arriving through the simple expedient of stepping back outside his temple and saying the requisite magic words, Eros looked around with an approving nod at the sunlit beach, the palm trees, the dance floor - he'd be visiting that later, absolutely - and tossed dark curls out of his face as he paused to greet the host.

"Loki Light-Bringer. This is promising." He was probably talking about the party as a whole, but then again he could have meant something entirely different, considering that knowing, suggestive smile.

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"I do aim to please," Loki responded, with a smile and a wink, "and I am so very glad you approve." Or perhaps it was the thought of Eros and promising in a sentence together. That was a nice thought, too.

"And I'd say enjoy yourself but I rather feel that's one thing you don't need any prompting to do."

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"You know Eros, one day you must throw your own party-It's been far too long." Hermes leaned over the love gods shoulder with a little smirk playing at his lips.

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When Eros was alone - which was a feat in itself, it seemed - Addie approached him. She accepted another drink from one of the waitresses and smoothed out a crease in her dress. "Hi, remember me?"

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He had an elf hat that was absolutely perfect for any sort of generalized holiday occasion, and Pan jingled gently as he appeared on the beach, his hands in the pockets of his jeans and the breeze fluttering his translucent white shirt that looked like it might have been borrowed from one of his taller cousins.

"Happy returns," he said to the host with a wicked grin, and made a beeline for the bar.

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The girl at the bar smiles at Pan as he approaches, "what's your pleasure, hm?"

Loki had chosen her for the wicked glint in her eyes as she said things like that.

That and she was quite a capable bartender.
a_time_slip: janie smiling (smile)

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She got the invitation, and decided to attend almost the moment that she got it.

Right after arriving, Janie had had a chat with a server, and soon a rum and coke were in her hand. She sipped it and looked around for a bit of trouble to get in to. Well, not entirely, she was looking for fun, not trouble but the two of those often came hand in hand.

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Plus, this is Loki, trouble is practically a given.

Though for now he seems harmless enough, circulating through the parting and greeting everyone. "Happy whatever-the-hell-we're-celebrating!" he says to her with a smile and a wink.

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Psyche liked parties so when she got the invitation, she got out her nicest clothes and hoped that there would be fun people to hang around with.

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"Many welcomes, Psyche!" Loki called to her. "Please feel free to have a drink and mingle!"

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Lena's here, wearing a short purple dress with sequins around the waist. She's still a little confused by the surroundings, but she certainly would never pass up a party. She can be found by the drinks, sipping a margarita.

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"You, I must say, don't look like a wallflower to me," Loki announces, out of the blue.

It's entirely possible he just appeared out of nowhere beside her, as well. Wasn't he over by the bonfire a second ago?

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He doesn't know anyone which might prove awkward for some people, but for the curious fact he's taken the invitation out of one of his clients houses. It was pretty, and seeing as it was under the bed he just worked with the assumption it was unwanted.

He was glad he did. The place was... pretty, for the lack of a better word. Eyebrows raised as he inspected the snow like sand and the sky and let out a long breath. "Wow..." Though his gray suit seemed very... out of place on the beach he reached down rolling the pant legs up a bit.

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Loki was beaming. But also looking Aden curiously, up and down. "Borrowed an invitation, did you?"

This doesn't seem to be an actual problem.