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appropos of nothing

He watched the day end with hooded eyes. Not so far away, lightning flashed in dark clouds and the grumbling of thunder reached his ears a moment later.

He smiled a scarred smile as he turned away from the storm.

"The gods must be angry."

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"Must they?"

The Companion, appearing from somewhere or other, is unimpressed. That much hasn't changed.

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Loki waved at the clouds, "they certainly seem to be."

Ignoring the fact that this is not Earth-That-Was, of course.

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"They do not get an opinion," she replied with a delicate snort.

If she had to settle for being less than she was, so would everyone else. Including angry cloud-gods.

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Loki's lips twitched, "they're just clouds, Illyria."

And lightning. And, like, ozone, or something.

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"I was not the one implying someone was responsible for them." she retorted, suspecting that she was being made fun of. She hadn't missed that, either.

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He shrugged, "perhaps I was hit with a moment of nostalgia," for there'd certainly been a time when such a storm might have heralded the gods' ire.

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"I try not to have those."

A tiny, wry half-smile accompanied her words; it was true that she did try, and mostly succeeded. And yet here she was, willfully seeking out his company.

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"I find they tend to happen whether we wish them to or not."

And he offered up a full smile to her tiny one, and warmth in his tone.

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It was disconcerting; she'd never learned how quite to behave in this persona with people who knew the old one.

"I wish you would not do that," she said, turning away.

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He frowned slightly at that.

"Wouldn't do what?"

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"Be... nice," she sneered at the word; she found it insipid even now that she'd trained herself to appear something more agreeable than her nature.

"Or whatever it was you were thinking of being just then. We are not nice creatures."

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That just prompted Loki to laughter. "I'm not cruel all of the time, darling."

Not even most of the time, not really.

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"I've noticed. It becomes more difficult to remember how to be when one is out of practice."

It made her cranky. She used to manage cruelty by sheer accident; now it took effort that she didn't care to expend most times.

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"Are you suggesting I get back into it?"

The starting with you was implied.

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Illyria snorted, amused.

"I learned not to suggest things to you a very long time ago. It rarely ends pleasantly for anyone other than yourself."

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He just grinned and lightly stroked the curve of her cheek with the backs of his fingers. "For you I could make an exception."

Yes, this would be him completely ignoring her request that he stop being nice.

Which is, perhaps, its own kind of cruelty.

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She didn't move away, though her expression was carefully unreadable. She might've been considering removing the hand that dared to touch her uninvited. (She wasn't, but she might've been.)

"Which me?" she asked in all seriousness.

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He rolled his eyes.

"I hate putting things into little boxes."

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"Not all of us cope with change as easily as you," she retorted, somehow making it sound like an insult.

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"And you've had ever so long to learn," he made it sound like tsking. "And certainly enough opportunities."

Of course he would turn it back on her. Naturally.

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She had learned. Mostly by compartmentalizing. But it was a valid choice, in her opinion.

"I've taken those opportunities which were in my best interests. I still have people who worship me."

It seemed perhaps she'd landed at cruelty after all.

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He managed to say it mildly, "I hadn't realized it was a pissing contest."

[whyyyy are you never on aim?]

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"Merely making a point," she replied, coolly.

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"It wasn't much of one."

But he stretched, all felinesque, as if it hadn't really affected him, anyway.

"Is there anything else you care to point out?"

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"Not presently, no."

She wasn't truly angry, anyway. It was just more comfortable to fall back onto old habits of pointless bickering.

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"I find myself quite certain you'll be sure to speak up if anything else occurs to you."

As he turns his attention to the storm outside.

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"It's what we do," she replied quietly. It wasn't fair of him to expect her to change the rules now.

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One thing he doesn't claim to be is fair.

Unless he does.


"Come outside with me."

Yes, Illyria, not only is he changing the rules, he's changing the subject. In a way.

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She tilted her head in an approximation of her old curious gesture, but she followed without comment, because she'd never truly liked being confined indoors to begin with.

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The storm was still upon them, but neither rain nor lightning seemed to bother him. "Tag," he said, touching her shoulder, "you're it."

And then he took off into the storm.

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Illyria stared, indignant, and then shouted several creative curses in languages no one on this world had ever spoken before she gave in and chased after him.

At least she'd fallen into her usual habit of vanishing the blue before going outdoors, so she surmised that there was some plausible deniability should anyone recognize her as the goddess and later accuse her of having done anything so undignified as run around in the rain like a madwoman.

(Of course, if anyone recognized the Companion, well, she would think of something.)

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Loki would point out that, in this day and age, the Companion is far more likely to be recognized around here than the goddess.

But hey, he's busy running for his life.

Well, maybe his life. He's laughing too much anyway to really appear to be worried.

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Yes, but the Companion could have some acceptable reason for chasing after a man in the rain, while the goddess might have to kill him on principle.

By the time she'd nearly caught up to him, she was completely drenched and her hair was clinging to her face in an incredibly annoying manner that made her look a bit like a drowned rat. This was the least dignified thing she'd done in at least a decade.

"I'm glad one of us finds this amusing!" she shouted once she was near enough to be heard over the storm, and pushed herself just a little faster until she was close enough to lunge for him. Loki had better be prepared to be tackled by one angry-wet-rat of a formerly blue lady.

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Loki isn't really prepared to be tackle, but he's good with rolling with what comes his way.

In this case, an angry-wet-rat of a formerly blue goddess-lady.

It's entirely possible he's still laughing all the way down. And if the rain hadn't soaked them before, that puddle just did.

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"I can see this was clearly the best possible use of our time," she noted mildly as she attempted to remove herself from said puddle as gracefully as possible.

She would not be entertained. She would not. Any positive reinforcement would only lead to more of this sort of behavior in the future, and she did have several reputations to maintain.

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She'd probably be more graceful if he wasn't accidentallydeliberately making things so difficult for her. Rather like a rain-soaked game of Twister he was making up as he went along.

"Why, did you want to continue having that conversation?"

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"Not-- stop that," she commanded, catching on to what he was doing.

"Not that conversation, no."

Which meant she might be open to other conversations. If one wanted to start them.