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Following the trend... [stealing from EJ]

We all know how it works right? Pick a pairing, or name a character you want see or whatever. And I'll write a fic where they 'snuggle' and/or do whatever you request. And I make no promises on actually snuggling though? :D What? I'm just like that...

Thomas - [ profile] raith_wraith
Derek - [ profile] reluctant_ruler
Marek or Seteh - [ profile] vermiliondesert

And if you know one of my others and want to request, feel free, I just don't feel like listing them all. :)

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And hmm....Heru/Set

Okay...I'll be good and stop.

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The Naval Academy had a lot of rules, especially for plebes. Uniform all the time, on the Yard and off, even on weekends. No running while in uniform -- he'd already perfected the art of walking quickly, at least. No sitting down outside in uniform. No doing anything and walking at the same time. Always wear your cover -- your hat -- when out of doors, take it off when you come in. And so on and so forth. It was all fine and dandy for some kid just out of high school but Derek? He'd been in the military already and just wanted a fucking place to sit down and smoke without getting yelled at.

Which is what found him leaning against a wall, heedless of the dirt he was likely getting on his summer whites, sharing a cigarette with his best friend. Derek exhaled and looked over at Tucker, "thanks for coming down."

Tucker shrugged and took the cigarette, "no big deal, Carson. Had to see you in your new monkey suit anyway."

"See what you missed out on, you mean."

"Narrowly avoided, I mean."

"That, too," Derek didn't argue.

Tucker raised his eyebrows, "not going to defend the Navy Way to me?"

Derek avoided the question, lighting a second cigarette instead of taking his back. Only once that little ritual was finished did he say, "think I'd rather be in your shoes right now." Pause. "Not the having a boyfriend part. The being out of the Navy part."

There was an admission that had Tucker nearly choking on the cigarette between his lips, "huh?"

Raising his eyes to the sky, Derek shook his head a little. "Just...I've got other stuff going on, you know?" He closed his eyes. "Family shit."

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Maybe Tucker was going to open his mouth to say something but Derek interrupted, still not looking back over at him. "They didn't think I heard but they're talking about hospice." He didn't need to say for who. "And me? I'm stuck here, learning shit I already know."

Tucker reached out, a little awkwardly, bringing his hand to rest on Derek's shoulder, "Dude..."

At least Derek didn't shrug him off, but he was looking up at the sky again. "She was so fucking happy when I told her I got in here, you know. Now? What's the point? She's not going to see me graduate." He dropped his cigarette and ground it out viciously with his heel. "Fuck," he muttered, sliding down the wall to the ground, definitely ruining his uniform now, "fuck."

There wasn't a whole lot Tucker could do beside sit with him and pretend he didn't see Derek's tears but hey...that's what friends were for.

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D: <3 Poor Derek.

Loki and Hermes

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"Uh, Loki....what's this?"

Loki was beaming proudly at him, "well, I figured I'd join in the fun!"

Hermes stared at him, then behind the Norse, then back at his friend. "'d join in?" For once, Hermes sounded a little faint.

Loki nodded, just about bouncing on the balls of his feet, "Isn't it awesome?"

"Lok, I...this wasn't what I...why did you..."

But Loki was ignoring him, burbling on happily about how it was suddenly the latest craze after he made sure that one of those skinny blonde chicks the paparazzi followed around everywhere was seen with one and they were sure to spread like wildfire and obviously Hermes had really been on to something there and Loki was sorry he'd ever doubted the Greek and, "why are you looking at me like that?"

Hermes reached out and turned Loki around so they were both facing the monstrosity behind him. "That." Hermes said, in Loki's ear, "is fucking nuts."

Frowning, Loki studied the fifty-foot high billboard with a picture of a highly-improbable animal dressed up in a frilly frock on a leash with one of those blonde starlet girls that were so easy to find and the words Gotta Have My Gotter! "I see what you mean," he said finally. "They should both be in bikinis."

Pip & Dami

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This thought Pip this is new.

The this being Damion's chest pressed close to his back, pushing flat against a wall, the vampire's lips just barely brushing his ear. It felt like being crushed. It felt like it was, at least, grinding every one of his piercings right under and into his flesh. But Pip didn't dare squirm, wriggle, or complain. Didn't dare flinch. Didn't dare breathe.

Damion, truth be told, rarely even touched Pip, much less anything resembling this. But then, Pip rarely upset the vampire so much as he had managed to do this time.

The vampire was hissing angrily at him, sharp words in his ear, "if your wish is to die, Pip," Damion never called him by his given name, even when angry, "that can most certainly be arranged. You need only to ask me and I will, at the least, give you a painless death. Which is far more than you could have asked from them." The last words came out in a snarl and the pressure of Damion's body on his seemed to increase. "If your wish is to do anything but die, you will follow my wishes. Is that clear?"

Even still, Pip didn't say anything, just gave the minutest of nods.

After a moment that stretched into an eternity, Damion let him go, "you should get cleaned up," he said, as he stepped away from the boy.

Pip was too busy shaking to respond.


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She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever known, of that he was certain. And he was certainly a lucky man to have her sleeping beside him. Francesca di Angelo was the sort of woman he'd never imagined aspiring to, him being only a second son with no property, no status to provide her with the sort of life she was accustomed to. His family was well enough, an old name, and that certainly counted for something but names didn't buy bread, much less the sorts of silks and jewels a woman like Francesca should be showered with.

From the moment he'd seen her, though, he'd felt drawn to her. And he could not help but to notice how she had eyes for no other man once her gaze had fallen on him, either. It had seemed obvious that they were destined to be together, that angels had arranged their meeting. "Demons," he muttered under his breath lest he disturb her rest, "definitely demons."

Theirs had been a hectic romance, full of snatched and stolen moments and far too little time together. Times like this one, when they could share a bed along with a night together had been few and far between since the scandal that would erupt if they were discovered would, or so he presumed.

He looked down at her, his gaze tracing her lovely features, the gentle curls of her hair, the slight smile she wore even as she slept. He would have to leave her, he knew. He should leave now, before she awoke. Before she talked him out of it yet again. He could not tell her no, could not deny her anything, he loved her too much for that.

It would kill him to leave her and yet...

All he had to do was remember another night like this one, another night when he'd gotten no rest, his sleep assailed by nightmares far to vivid to be merely that. No, they were more like memories of another time and place, when he'd been someone else, something more. She'd been sitting up and watching him, that time, as he awoke covered in sweat and shaking. And when his eyes had met hers, he'd remembered.

This wasn't the first time they'd met and there had most certainly been no love lost between them. He had found himself speaking in a tongue he'd never heard before. //So it's you, Seteh.// His beloved, the one without whom he wasn't certain he could stand to live, was also his greatest enemy who had certainly tried to murder him more times than anyone could be forgiven.

She had smiled a faint smile, her eyes bright //I have been waiting for you to remember, Heru.//

//So you could try to kill me, yet again?// he had been unable to keep the scorn from his voice as he stood, pulling away from her.

She'd shook her head and clasped his hand in hers, holding him in place, "No, but so you and I would truly know one another. Stay with me, Silvio."

For a very long moment, he'd stared down at her, these new memories of her -- not her, but what she'd been once -- treachery warring with what he new of her now, her goodness and their love for one another.

He'd stayed.

Shaking his head, Silvio moved to creep out of the bed, feeling faintly ashamed at his cowardice but just as certain that leaving was better than staying. How could he stay when, every time she put her arms around him, some part of him worried she held a dagger in her hands?

His feet had barely felt the cold chill of the floor beneath him when he sensed her eyes on him. So she'd awakened after all. "I should go," he said quietly.

"Go for the night or go forever?" she asked, pushing herself up to sit, unashamedly letting the bedclothes fall away from her naked body as she did so.

"I can't stay, Francesca, I-..." he couldn't look at her, "the past, those things...I can't forget them."

She leaned over, her hand caressing his cheek, gently pulling his face toward her. "I can't forget them either, my love, as much as I'd like to. As much as I wish they weren't there." No, she lived with the sullen anger and resentment of one who wasn't her every single day, "but I am not he. That is in the past. I love you, no matter who you once were and what happened." Hesitantly, she kissed him, "I love you," she whispered, and when he didn't pull away, she kissed him again. "Stay with me, Silvio. Please, stay."

He stayed.


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Harry and Thomas do something that doesn't involve sucker punches or getting mad at each other.

AKA something happy plz.

Re: :/

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Question: Do you think the Murphyonic field affects paintball guns?

Re: :/

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Hrm. On the one hand, it's not supposed to affect simple technology and frankly, paint ball guns are one of the simplest mechanical devices in existence.

On the other hand, anything after the fifties is susceptible.

For the sake of fun, I say let it slide. Jim makes exceptions to make the stories work.

Re: :/

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That's what I was thinking. :D

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Hmmm...let me think....

Wes and Hobbie. Snuggle or not, your choice. ;)

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Well you know which two would be first. You could even use it for c_t!

And you can... actually, Archive and Loki?