Dec. 16th, 2010

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The images go out near and far to, pretty much, all and sundry. There is no postmark, for they didn't travel through something so mundane as a postal system. They're merely found: resting in mailboxes, on pillows, magneted to the refrigerator, tucked into door-cracks, slipped in the newspaper, under windshield wiper blades, and in one notable instance, sitting in a pantry where an entire, unopened, box of Twinkies used to be.

There is no address on the card, merely an image on one side and on the other...a note written in a finely flowing hand with ink that never seems to stay the same color as you read it though you couldn't say when the color actually changed.

Whatever you happen to celebrate, you've been invited! Don't celebrate anything? You're still invited! Don't want to be invited? Doesn't matter! Don't know who I am? Who cares! It's a party! So, happy whatever-you-want-it-to-be!

Now, for the particulars:

Dress code: Whatever you would like to wear (or not, as the case may be). Points for outlandishness!
Guests: The more, the merrier!
Gifts: I love a good gift! But don't feel obligated.
Duration: Until it ends!
Location: Well...that's tricky. I can't tell you. But I can tell you all you needs must do is be holding this invitation as you step through...anything. Doorway, under an arch, through a window, past a gate, into a cave, down a rabbit hole, or under a ladder if you're feeling lucky. Make sure as you do you shout the words, "Happy ChrisFesHanKwanYulSoltivus!" (okay, you don't have to shout it...and approximations of the words will probably suffice. Probably. You might end up somewhere you don't intend, I'm not entirely certain.)

That's all there is to it darling, I hope to see you there!

As to where the invitation takes you, well...

Partygoers will find themselves transported to a beautiful tropical beach, the ocean lapping softly on the shore not so very far away, and plenty of palm trees for shade. Not that it's needed, as the temperature is perfectly comfortable, no matter what one is (or isn't) wearing. The sand is as pure white and sparkles not unlike...snow. Or is it snow? But that's ridiculous, since it isn't cold...

...except that periodically, seemingly at a whim, snow does indeed fall (from the utterly clear night sky).

Centrally located, there is a rather large bonfire crackling merrily away, seemingly not at all dampened by the capricious snow flurries. Near that, is a large, long table loaded down with all manner of food and drink. Scattered everywhere it might be convenient are chairs and cushions and tucked away among a grove of palm trees are more secluded nooks curtained off for more private pursuits. Convenient to everyone as they arrive is a gaily decorated table just waiting for any gifts that might be deposited on it. Most of the lighting seems to come from a myriad of floating paper lanterns in all shapes, colors and sizes as well as a few tiki torches, just because.

There is also a wooden dance floor set down and a band playing music just right for dancing. And yes, they take requests.

And finally, there is Loki himself, standing amid the mayhem and smiling. Perched on his nose are glasses with the lenses tinted, one green and one red. His hair seems to be a particularly festive shade of red tonight with a twig of mistletoe peeking out of it and his clothes...

...well, see for yourself.

"Welcome!" he might say or, "happy whatever-it-is-we're-celebrating!" He'd invite you to enjoy the festivities, partake of the food and drink, mix and mingle, and certainly save him a dance or two. Swimming would be encouraged, the water's fine, and towels are available (as is almost any other item you might need, just flag down a passing server and she'll get it right out to you. There are, in fact, few restrictions. Loki won't be breaking up any fights or anything else typically unsuitable for mixed company except if you seem to be disrupting his party. Then, you'll likely find yourself suddenly in Siberia. And it will be cold.

[ooc: basically, slow-time is fine, tag as long as you want as much as you want. Mix, mingle, have fun! Loki's hardly one to stop a fight, but the warning is still there, disruptions don't get a warning, they just get removed. Kids aren't barred from the party (by Loki, anyway), but it's definitely not intended to be kid-friendly in the least. Multiple muses are fine, anyone and everyone is welcome, so far as Loki cares. Invitations are even extended to people who might've snubbed him in the past or otherwise did him wrong. You can also assume the invitation works as a magic timewarp thingy so even though the party is sort of starting on the late night of the 16th (or at least when it's being posted), your character can still jump in without being unfashionably late and whenever they leave, only a couple of hours will have passed from when they left, no matter if they're tagging in the party for weeks ;).]


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